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1967 復興小學

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1958~1967 復興小學聯絡狀況 (小學第一屆 ~ 第十屆 & 歷屆狀況)

1958~1967 復興小學通訊錄



Dear Lin Li,

Just a note to let you know how much pleasure and excitement you have given me and my classmates during the past few weeks.

It all started with an email and phone call from my classmate, Chang Xiao Ying (Sylvia 張小瑛)in LA on 18 Aug. Sylvia saw my name and phone number in the directory.   Wrote and called within a few hours.  The following week Sylvia, Wan So Bai (Jake 萬守白) flew in from LA to NJ.  We met up with other classmates,  Liao Hong Yi (廖宏毅) ,  Tong Pei Lei (童蓓蕾)and Fang Qing Xian(方慶嫻) on 29 Aug.   I have also spoken to our other classmates Chu Pei Zen (Alice 朱蓓真) in Taipei and Wu YiLi(吳亦立) in LA.  I just received an email from my other classmate C C Chao (趙靖之) this morning.   I will write to him as soon as possible.

You may recall our daughter Kristy is starting her first year at NYU this year.   By chance Wu YiLi told me his daughter is a 2nd year student at NYU.  Sylvia's daughter is a first year student at U Penn.  We plan to meet when Sylvia and Wu come to the east coast in Nov.

With the exception of Liao Hong Yi I have not seen or spoken to my other FuShing Classmates for 42 years!  We shared many warm embraces and tears of joy at our meeting last Saturday.  So much to catch up after 40+ years.  We are planning our next reunion already.

After attending schools in Montgomery NJ all his life our son Erik David started 10th grade at TAS last month.   We had trouble finding airline tickets at a reasonable price for Erik to return for the Xmas holidays.  I noticed Alice Chu's email list her contact at a travel agency in Taipei so I picked up the phone and called her.  Alice had the ticket reserved and delivered within 24 hrs.  The FuShing network is so wonderfully efficient!

With Erik going to school in Taipei and Kristy at NYU we plan to be in both cities a lot more often.  Hope we have an opportunity to meet in TPE or NYC in the near future. 

Thanks again for the great work.  Have a wonderful week!

林偉星  2009, 09, 07

Dear Lin Li,

Good to hear from you.  Yes.  My daughter Kristy took some photos for us at our reunion.  So did Chang Xiao Ying's husband David and Wan So Bai.   Here is the first 4 photos from our camera. 

In the bottom photo (100434):  張小瑛,  林偉星,  萬守白, 童蓓蕾 and 廖宏毅.  

We met at the Ichi Umi Japanese buffet in Edison,  NJ.    方慶嫻  drove 5 hours from Ithaca NY to meet us then drove 5 hrs back after lunch.   That's why Fang is not in the first few photos.   We arrived at 11:45 am just as they opened for lunch.  Stayed till 3 pm when asked us to leave.  After that we went to Barns and Noble coffee shop and talked till 5 pm.

Xiao Ying's husband David took my daughter Kristy and their daughter Jacki to a movie while we talked,  laughed and shared a bit about our lives of the past 42 years.   After that Xiao Ying, her family,  Wan So Bai and Liao Hong Yi came back to our house in Montgomery, NJ. We had Hu Nan food take out. They stayed till 10 pm.   Kristy and Jacki rode bikes around our neighborhood for nearly two hrs.  It's great to see our next generation becoming friends too.  ;-))

Looking at those photos again I can still FEEL the joy of reunion that day!

Chang Xiao Ying and her husband spend last week in Philly moving her daughter into U Penn.  I expect to see more when she goes back to work this week.  Chang Xiao Ying has been working for NASA for more than a decade. 
童蓓蕾 wrote last week to say:

Hey All, Thank you all to add another page of my life which will be cherished dearly.  I truly enjoy our gathering and your friendship.  On the way home, the radio station was playing songs from the '70, I turned up the volume so high that other drivers might have thouhght I was high on something!!! Anyway, I was smiling all the way home!  Thank YOU!

We Salute you,  Lin Li!

林偉星  2009, 09, 08

2009, 08, 29 Edison, NJ

2009, 08, 29 Edison, NJ

2009, 08, 29 Edison, NJ

2009, 12, 26 台北私立復興實驗高中

2011, 02, 04  台北

2011, 02, 20  台北Paul麵包餐廳(仁愛圓環,復小斜對面,雙聖旁邊)

2011, 02, 20  台北Paul麵包餐廳(仁愛圓環,復小斜對面,雙聖旁邊)



Cold Winter in NJ/ Warm Hearts in Asia


主成 & I arrived Singapore late Monday night.   The weather was warm,  f our hearts warmer,  because ours are filled with the pleasures of Lunar New Year homecoming and the joy of class reunion.  It was 主成's first Lunar New Year in Taiwan since 1978, for me the first one in 40 years for me.  Being able to combine this trip  with TWO 復興小學 class gatherings was priceless, indeed.

When we walked out of the gates of 復興 in 1967 we had no idea that most of us will not meet again for another 44 years.  At the tender age of 12 we had a life time ahead of us,  we did not look back.   Now we seek every opportunity to reconnect.   Let me share with you an email 林萍 wrote me after our reunion on Sunday:

今天和你見面,對你的 big hug, 很有感受.
你看起來很精神. 很替你高興.
Melody 林萍
We were just classmates going our separate ways at graduation.  Now we have a special bond, a connection for the rest of our lives.  Thanks to your extra special last minute phone calls....
Thank you so much for hosting  lunch on Monday, and your thoughtful 蔥油餅。  After years of "virtual"  reunions on the internet we cherish each and every gathering.  
主成 & I do not know many people in Singapore,  it would give us great pleasure to host a reunion of 復興,北一女 classmates here,  with you as our special guest and photographer.
Enclose is a photo of our house in NJ,  taken by 偉晴的丈夫,培青。  It was taken a day or two after I left NJ.  I don't miss it one bit...

Thank U again & Kind Regards,
2011, 02, 23

偉星說: 我們二月20日在台北小聚後多了好幾位同學的消息。那天見到林萍,溫子儉劉延學也是 44 年來第一次! 
子儉說: 附上打油詩一首,以資紀念上次的同學會!
"再相聚" by stanley


賞心悅樂人生一大快事,應該分享,這方面我算大咖,朱與個位同學,再教大伙一中國國內最流行詞叫做"給力"= 酷,讚,好的,相信祝和竇及各位在長住囯內一定知道。

2011, 03, 13


Dear Classmates,

44 years after our parting, in the middle of our 5th decade, we, the classmates of Xiao, always look forward to each  and every gathering  with eager anticipation. 

This past Saturday, our long lost classmate,  鄭碩荊, graciously invited us to a mini reunion at her 紅樹林 abode.   紅樹林 is the next to last stop on the 淡水 MRT line.   Offering a fine view of the river and the mountains beyond.  After a few rounds of emails and phone calls during the week,  朱蓓真,趙靖之,林偉星, 林萍 were able to attend. 

Most of us remember 碩荊 as a quiet, shy girl who did not say much in class.  Reconnecting after 4 decades,  those who have spoken to her, read her emails were genuinely touched by her  warmth, enthusiasm,  sincerity.

蓓真 and I took the MRT at 忠孝敦化  station around 11 am.   It's about a 50 min train ride to 紅樹林 with a  transfer in between.  We had told 碩荊 we planned take the MRT at 11 am,  will give her a call when we are within a few stops of her home.

 Not more than10 min into our train ride we received  call from her:  "Where are you!?"

We arrived 紅樹林 shortly before noon,  趙靖之 was already there,  waiting.  We walked a few hundred meters to 碩荊's  Apt, then off to lunch at a resort hotel a few minutes away.  It was a sumptuous buffet with Chinese, Japanese and Western cuisine.   We enjoyed the food,  the beverage,  desserts, fruits, tea,  but most of all we enjoyed reminiscence of our 復興 days.   We stayed past 2:30 pm,  till the staff thanked us,  and bid us Good Afternoon!

Back to 碩荊's.  The conversation turned to our family,  our children. 

林萍, who had to make a major presentation this weekend, was able to join us for a few hours in the afternoon。   There was a LOT to catch up...  40+ years,  5 families, 10 children among us( age 16-30).   We shared the life experiences we had,  the classes we have taken to improve our interpersonal skills,  our ups and downs with our spouse,  children. 

林萍 had to leave us by 7 pm.    The rest of us enjoyed a light supper of 紫糯米花生,鹹蛋魯肉粽子 and delicious Taiwan snacks not available anywhere else.

Those of us who had met CC 趙 in previous class reunions enjoyed humor, his relaxed personality,  his keen intelligence,   self deprecating style,  irreverent wit.

Last night CCC showed us a different facet, he regaled us with tales of his life,  shared his philosophy of family harmony,  親子關係, his sagacity. We thank You,  趙大師!

As the midnight hour approached we were like four Cinderellas at the ball,  we enjoyed each other's company so much none of us wanted to part .  But alas, we knew we had to make the last MRT connection or take a long taxi ride back to the city.   We bid dear 碩荊 farewell with reluctance... and a warm embrace.  

I am sure I speak for the others.....  We went to sleep last night with a smile & fond memories of our reunion. 

Can't wait to start planning for the next one!

謝謝妳,  林莉。

PS.  能力有限, 中文版就等碩荊,蓓真吧。
2011, 03, 20 

Hi! Dear All:
David 敘述得如此詳細 何需我加添補充?
我只能說 謝謝碩荊的熱情邀約與招待
還提供了她那有view的小窩 挺溫暖的
幾次的老同學相聚   我很珍惜與各位老友相聚的時刻
想想小學同學的情誼   真的是既單純又珍貴
每一次的再相聚  不需偽裝  不需客套   毫無拘束
天南地北 隨心所欲 
可以這麼真實的分享 ~ 每個人  可以開開玩笑 打打屁
想起兒時的趣事   聊聊成長歲月中的點點滴滴
也會說著說著   談談人生道路上的歷練
也許家庭 也許那個可以在此刻被"吐槽"的另一半
又 或許是那個觀念跟我們差很多的  - "下一代".....
不論酸甜苦辣   說出自己的看法與經驗
享受那個沒有利益衝突與 無私的空間.....
沒有時間的限制   有事可以先走   沒事可以繼續開講與聽課
這樣的放鬆與交流     在人生短短的歲月裡   夫復何求
所以 每一次的相聚 幾個人 七嘴八舌
也不是閒嗑牙 多少都可以在腦力激盪與談笑風生中
有或多或少的收穫... 真的是 "萬事都互相效力...."
還沒加入的老友們  有機會參加時  可別錯失良機喔
請放心 這一班 雖然當年的老師不怎麼樣
但是目前見過面的老同學 可都是"很優"的喔
2011, 03, 20 

Hi Jake,
OK, let's talk on something new then, how about Santana's concert, he is in Taiwan now and his wife Cindy is drummer like you, how did you like his concert in Las Vegas?
I didn't know much about Santana before, Jake is the one who told me about him, our friend jake is very professional about pop music (still cocky like before).
About Carlos Santan's concert in Taipei 

Santana's Guitar Heaven Live Concert will take place tomorrow at the Nangang Exhibition Hall and will include a guest performance by his newly wed wife Cindy Blackman, who is a drummer. According to Santana, when Blackman performs, she is like “Bruce Lee on drums.”

Santana, named one of the best guitar players of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, said he and his band were looking forward to connecting to their Taiwan audience.

山塔那本名叫卡洛斯1967在三藩市組團,由於結它非常有殺傷力加上拉丁風當年他只有二十歲(1947生),團中的organ手及打擊樂器手更是了得,本人有幸在82年認識他及他經紀人,當年我在SAE音响公司作buyer,他公司來買演唱會用的擴大机,SAE老板不賣給他,我當場傻住,面前是當代一等一結它高手,吾等不賣?結果Morris Kestler老板把我叫進去説山塔那這種彈法一定會燒掉機器的出再多錢也不賣,結果山本人氣得不得了,SAE的機器一直在音響界很有名,Donny and marrie Osmond才剛剛結束他們演出用sae,所以山認為只有sae可以handle,第二周他經紀又來電說山堅持要用sae二十五部机,請我向老板說說情,結果我向Morris學了一個本領,他說免費給山用但有條件是要供三個sae技術人員跟團,燒機立即修復,且在所有演出現場掛SAE設備正在使用中,山當然答應,我也得紅包一只山vip演出證一張,過去二十年我去看了三次,下月蔡玲來會去看山五月一曰在Vegas 最後一場秀,希望馬友友會來。山塔那有名曲很多,當年的:
1.evil way
2.black magic woman
3.oye com ova
5.samba pa ti(我之最愛曲)
6.while my guitar gently weeps和馬友友合作


Hi Stan and Jake:

Compared to Jake, I'm so amateurish about music.  I've known Santana when Gin Zu Ling sang "It's a Black Magic Woman" as the lead singer of the Raymond when I was in middle school, or maybe high school.  I don't know much about their other pieces, just this one. 


oh, that's right, gin zu ling also used to sing oye com ova, am I right Jake?  Calo Santana is great!



You have met him in person?!
My favorite is flor d Luna.
George Benson is another favorite.
Are you serious about the DJ thing. I mean are you really doing that?

Percy King


是的,月花Moonflower是1977出版,恰恰節奏很讓人心宜,Carlos一直很堅持自己原則,也是如此才能走過四十五個年頭,他的Samba pa ti 彈出了我內心所有感覺,人生酸甜,悲歡,在夜深人静時欣賞時會掉淚的,最新的cd也正在榜上流行,加上馬友友加持更是大賣。

看來金同學音樂素養不俗,George Benson我去年九月在洛杉磯Cerritos center看過他的秀,沒有想像中那樣好,手指硬了,味道有差。近來我迷Jazz 吉他手Peter White介紹給大家聆聽,相信一定喜歡的。

至於電臺DJ是過往事了,DJ的原意是dear Jake ,因為只睡五小時,所以才改DJ5.0,後來淡出播音界,就一直延用至今,現在大家叫我DJ5.7是daddy Jake 今年五十七啦。也因做了DJ張班長找到我在am1300LAX,算是一件好事。


PS Great to see Percy is joing us now.

I love George Benson's Breezin!  It is a perfect piece being played, while
you drive down Highway 1 in a convertible, along the CA coastline, the
glittering sun ray dancing with the surging ocean waves, the gentle sea
breeze gently caressing your face....

Santana's Samba Pa Ti  and Smooth blend sensuality with passion, the former
with guitar and the latter with lyrics respectively, in my view.  Smooth
also has a catchy tone and beats.


Glad to knw, and agree with you on both..but I am still a Santana's Freak..


你也許可以把這個小故事在課堂上和學員們分享,當年我入美國第一次工作就是在Scientific Audio Electronics(SAE)任採購員,學了不少英文和做生意方式,Morris Kestler 是一名天才富豪,我在79年到83年跟他學了不少美式生意法,從山塔那事情就知道生意不是只有錢,還有名譽,更有尊重,如今Morris早已退休,公司賣給日本丸紅會社,SAE從此在江湖消失,工作四年每年的bonus就是可以用成本價買公司產品,我一共買了上萬的設備,所以在家聆聽音樂是人生一大享受也。


2011, 05, 14  南加州

2011, 05, 14  南加州

2011, 05, 15  南加州

2011, 05, 15  南加州



海內存知己, 天涯若比鄰, 如此溫馨感人的畫面, 覺得自己好像也擠進去一塊兒分享敘舊了!
2011, 05, 16

Dear All,
Thanks to Dr. Wan, he gave me a 2-hour lecture on the American Pop Music,
plus 12 CDs and a book about Jazz which is very generous of him,
when he comes back to Taiwan in October, I will show him a good time.
I also want to thank Willy Wu for taking Alice and I for Lunch at Souplantation.

2011, 05, 17

"A Dream Come True"
Dear All,
First of all I would like to thank Sylvia for the warm hospitality and generous friendship, I'm deeply touched and appreciated, especially I have the honor to stay at the presidential suite of her house.
We had a great party at her lovely home on Saturday night, she baked a big turkey (21.94LB) and a ham for the banquet, plus assorted vegetable, stuffing, sweet potato, fruit plate and other dishes, it's quite feast! (See picture below)
We all finally get to meet each other after 44 years (July, 1967 - May, 2011), and this isn't the end of the story, it's the beginning of a new chapter. The party was wonderful, Sylvia and David have made us all very happy and everyone enjoyed it. . I hope I can do the same thing for her when she comes back for the reunion next time.
2011, 05, 18



去年,2011 年三月,我們畢業 44 年後第一次跟 鄭碩荊 在她淡水(紅樹林) 溫馨的家見面。  我拍了幾張照,但一直未整理,這幾天才把它們找出來。 
一年半後 看看這幾張照片, 還感覺得到 那天溫暖的陽光,快樂的心。
大家都很年青,看來 40+ 而已,不是嗎? 

2012, 08, 06





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